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New App To Improve Efficiency In Port Botany

New App To Improve Efficiency In Port Botany

Freight movements in and out of Port Botany will be easier to plan and more efficient, thanks to an innovative piece of mobile technology.

Minister for Roads, Maritime and Freight Melinda Pavey said that over 3000 containers move in and out of Port Botany each week day by road, and new technology would help ease congestion.

“Until now, Port Botany performance and status information was only available on a closed system account to a limited number of stevedores and road carriers,” Mrs Pavey said.

“Through the new app live data will be freely available and will allow industry stakeholders to see what’s happening in the port precinct.

“It will also focus on real-time truck turnaround and performance data in order to enable better freight planning into and around Port Botany.”

Free to download and available on iOS and Android, the Port Botany Performance App makes live cargo movement data for Port Botany available to trucking companies, stevedores and other port users.

First of its kind in Australia, the app was built on the NSW Government’s Cargo Movement Coordination Centre’s (CMCC) IT platform.

Mrs Pavey said users will be able to use the app to better plan and optimise arrival times for trucks and reduce heavy vehicle queues entering the port.

“Not only will this allow Port Botany to operate more efficiently, it will reduce the impacts of road freight movements and ease congestion around the precinct,” she said.

The CMCC is already improving efficiency by using a range of technology to capture real-time freight movements, including a network of Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) readers within Port Botany.

“Through a combination of technology and working collaborative with Port Botany users, truck turnaround times have been cut by more than 17 per cent in the last four years and rail mode share is at a record 19 per cent.”

“The port contributes $3.2 billion to gross state product each year. We have to make sure we are working alongside industry leaders and stakeholders to keep up with a thriving industry.”


  • Australia is one of the most intensive users of road freight in the world, and  the freight task set to double by 2030.
  • Port Botany currently handles a massive 2.3 million containers (TEU - twenty foot equivalent units) per year.
  • More than 3000 containers move in and out of Port Botany each week day by road and around 1300 containers move in and out of Port Botany each week day by rail. 
  • Port Botany is set to become Australia’s largest container port, by volume, in the next 30 years. 
  • Last calendar year there were more than 1070 vessel visits. 
  • 38 per cent of these road movements happen between Monday and Friday between 5am and 1pm. During this peak, 158-170 truck movements happen each hour.
  • While truck movement is vitally important, rail mode share has grown from a low of 12.5 per cent in 2013/14 to 19.1 per cent in 2016/17.

During this time period, the volume of containers that moved to and from Port Botany on rail increased from approximately 71 per cent – from 250,000 containers (TEU) to more than 430,000.