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Cootamundra To Share In Record Spend On Rural Roads To Drive Down Road Toll

Cootamundra To Share In Record Spend On Rural Roads To Drive Down Road Toll

More than $5.7 million will be invested into the Cootamundra electorate as part of the NSW Government’s record $70 million spend on 172 vital safety upgrades to the state’s road network, which will help drive the road toll Towards Zero.

Minister for Roads, Maritime and Freight Melinda Pavey, alongside the Member for Cootamundra Katrina Hodgkinson today announced the record investment as part of the State Government’s Safer Roads Program, which will carry out road safety infrastructure upgrade projects over the next three years throughout the state.

“Last year 254 people lost their lives in the country. That’s two-thirds of our total road toll for 2016, which is scary when regional NSW is one-third of the population,” Mrs Pavey said.

“Most of these drivers were locals and many of them died close to home. There are also literally thousands of people being seriously injured on our roads each year.”

Ms Hodgkinson said the $5.7 million would provide upgrades and safety improvements to roads throughout the Cootamundra electorate.

“This important road safety program is funded through the Community Road Safety fund where all speed camera revenue is sent,” she said.

“Last year these roads that have been identified under this program have had a total of 41 crashes, including three deaths – that’s our families, neighbours and friends. 

“This year’s investment to the road network is estimated to save the equivalent of 419 deaths and serious injuries across the state.”

More money than ever will be spent upgrading high risk regional roads with nearly $54 million, or 77 per cent of 2017/18 total funding, going into 118 safety upgrade projects in regional NSW.

The funding will include:

  • $280,000 to install wire rope safety barriers outside of curve, install curve alignment markers, install speed advisory signs, relocate an existing rest area sign to a more suitable location and prevent obstruction along the Newell Highway south of West Wyalong at Beckom. 
  • $1.5 million road realignment and provide 3km of rumble strips on the edge and centrelines along the Newell Highway east of Narrandera, Narrandera. 
  • $800,000 to install wire rope safety barriers with pavement widening on the median for a kilometre from 800m east of Deltroit Rd, Mount Adrah on the Hume Highway. 
  • $850,000 to install protected right turn lane, widen and seal the shoulder and remove clear zone hazards along Lachlan Valley Way at Cowra. 
  • $725,000 to seal the shoulder and install a roadside wire rope barrier on the Olympic Highway, 28km north of Wagga Wagga at Yathella. 
  • $300,000 for ITS solution for heavy vehicle rest stop with high rate of HV involved rear-end crashes along 2.2 length of Hume Highway at Kyeamba rest area. 
  • $50,000 to install CAMs and curve warning signs on the Olympic Highway north of Cootamundra, Wombat. 
  • 1.26 million to profile edge lines and centrelines, raised reflective pavement markers, curve alignment markers, remove roadside obstacles like trees, install w-beam guardrails for the Mid-Western Highway, from Lyndhurst to Cowra.